How to Fix McAfee 401 Unauthorized Error?

Fix McAfee 401 Unauthorized Error – The McAfee 401 Unauthorized Error can be caused due to the incorrect login credentials. Sometimes when you try to access some websites which are risky then also you may face the same error.  In order to fix these type of error, you may follow the basic troubleshooting. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the step-by-step process to fix McAfee 401 Unauthorized Error.

How to Fix McAfee 401 Unauthorized Error?

Fix McAfee 401 Unauthorized Error

Errors related to McAfee 401 Unauthorized Error –

  • HTTP Error 401 – Unauthorized error
  • HTTP Error 401 – Authorization Required
  • 401 Unauthorized Error

All the error messages mentioned above are same. These may be customized by the websites according to their requirements. The error messages will appear inside the browser.

Things to keep in Mind –

  • Try to check for the invalid URL, to make sure that there is no invalid URL mentioned.
  • You also need to look for the invalid login credentials.
  • Search for a secure accessing option also, on the page of the website.
  • In the end, check for the HTTP status error as well.

Methods to fix McAfee 401 Unauthorized Error –

Method 1 – Repair Windows Registry Entries:

  • In order to Repair Windows Registry Entries, click on the start button first.
  • Now in the search box type, CMD or command to search for the command prompt.
  • Furthermore, press enters while holding the Ctrl + Shift keys together.
  • In the command prompt where the cursor is blinking type “regedit” and then press enter.
  • Once the registry editor is opened then select the key related to McAfee 401 Unauthorized Error.
  • Furthermore, select Export from the File menu.
  • In addition, you need to select a folder to save the backup from the “SaveIn” list.
  • Furthermore, type the name in the Filename box as well as make sure to select Export Range from the Selected Branch.
  • Now click on the Save to save the backup file with the .reg extension.
  • Congratulation! You have successfully saved the backup file.

Method 2 – Remove the junk Folder:

  • In order to remove the junk folder, you need to open the Run dialog box.
  • Press the Enter key, while holding the Windows + R key altogether.
  • Now in the search box, you need to type %Temp%  and then press enter.
  • A new window will pop up with the Temporary folder. You need to remove all the data from the temporary folder.
  • In order to remove all the data, select all by pressing Ctrl + A key altogether.
  • And then select Delete from the list by right-clicking.
  • Click Yes, to allow the permission to the program to make changes to your system.
  • Wait until the data is completely removed from the system and then restart your device.
  • In order to save the changes you have made, it is required to restart your system.

You can also try some other methods like uninstalling and reinstalling the McAfee to fix McAfee 401 Unauthorized Error. By following the above-mentioned process the error will be fixed. In case you still need help then you may contact McAfee Support or visit

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